• Stylish, large design, perfect for fridge shelf or countertop – 8.2 L total and 5.2 L filtered water capacity
  • Fresh tasting water without plastic bottle waste for just a few pence per litre
  • Convenient tap and sliding lid for easy refilling and cleaning
  • Micro Carbon Pearls reduce chlorine and organic impurities improving taste and odour of food and drink
  • Ion Exchange Pearls permanently absorb metals and reduce limescale protecting appliances against scale build up
  • Features electronic ‘memo’ cartridge replacement reminder
  • Includes 1 x MAXTRA+ filter cartridge, which lasts 4 weeks and are recyclable

39 reviews for BRITA Flow XXL fridge water filter tank for reduction of chlorine, limescale and impurities, 8.2 Litre -Blue

  1. Rajendra

    I bought this brand product for the 2nd time and this one is bigger in size and more convenient! This product looks good and works week so far

  2. Donna mash

    Very pleased with this water filter x fits in the fridge and now we all drink more water x delivered quick and packaged well x

  3. Noshi

    Helpfull and amazing

  4. Kitty Lee

    Easy to use

  5. Tinky p

    I hate filling it up as its easier to take to the sink and fill, as due to other shelves in the fridge you can’t fill it in there. However it just is a faff, I normally wait for my husband to notice and fill it up!It’s been perfect having cold water available and the whole family has been drinking more water as a result. Therefore it was a worthwhile purchase. And I am glad I got this and not a jug, as my 7 year old can get herself a drink mess free, whereas if it was a full filter jug in the door, I would fear she would drop it, and break the plastic, not to mention slippy tile floor from spillage.I would have liked to have found it cheaper, but I did get a multipack of compatible filters which helps with long term cost.

  6. dains k john

    Product quality and value of money. Good for family usage.

  7. MR L

    We’ve had a Brita filter jug before but you’re constantly filling it everytime you use it or you’ll run out (because the drip feed through the filter is slow). This is much better for daily usage. We use it all day and then just top it once on a night. We’ve gone from the opinion that a brita filter is a bit of a gimmick to actually thinking it’s a great alternative to wasting money on bottled water.

  8. SS

    Nothing wrong with the product. It came quickly and was easy to assemble. Can hold a lot of water.

  9. Steve

    Superb capacity, makes life much easier, excellent after-sales service.

  10. Magda

    Good Quality, I recommend the product and the seller

  11. Faye Stanley

    Nice and big! The only thing I was looking for! Lots of nice cold, filtered water available and only have to fill it up once a day. That’s with me and my partner using it with big water bottles! Highly recommend. Filters last about a month and can buy 3 packs for around £10-£15 so quite affordable

  12. airene c

    This is second time to buy, love this big tank

  13. Ali

    Good quality water, easy to use, nice and clean make, Delivery on time.Thanks

  14. Amudalat

    This water filter works really well. I have no problems with it and it’s very strong. It can hold a lot of water.

  15. c154shalom

    Purchased for my son and his partner and they reported that it is perfect for them and a great alternative to our American fridge freezer that dispenses water as their flat was to small for it.

  16. Ruizinho

    Good tank

  17. carol larkin

    I like how easy it was to set up, and how neat and compact it is, but still holds enough water for 3 adults making tea coffee & plain decent refreshing water all day without having to keep refilling like with the jug, and the water taste just as good as Buxton, I am well pleased with my product and highly recommend it.

  18. Customer

    The filter works well and reduced the bad taste of water but tbh I still cant drink it I just use it for cooking and hot drinks etc.

  19. Customer

    The filter works well and reduced the bad taste of water but tbh I still cant drink it I just use it for cooking and hot drinks etc.

  20. Mr. Brian Thompson

    This was to replace a Brita fridge tank, and it is an improvement on our previous model.Easier to fill without removal from fridge, and the tap now drains completely from the bottom( the previous model drained from an inch or so above the bottom. Also the tank has fewer recesses, so is easier to clean, which I do whenever the filter is replaced.Highly recommended, at a good price too

  21. rajat

    Good for a family or even an individual. The smaller Brita filters are a pain to be kept filling constantly.

  22. Ms Dee

    Bought for my daughter as they need to consume a daily intake of water 💦Loves itWould recommend save on loads of plastic bottles

  23. G. Laws

    I have two BRITA Marella XL water filter jugs. The reason why! I have two jugs, is because there was no way on planet Earth that I was going to pay nearly £60 for the BRITA Flow XXL fridge water filter tank. Luckily, before my house became over-run with filter jugs, BRITA have seen the light and are now selling the fridge tank for a sensible price, and it is brilliant. The design has been well thought out, from the recessed dispensing tap, to the sliding refill door in the lid. The tank is heavy when full, so the sliding fill door means it can just sit on one of the lower fridge shelves and be topped up with a jug, and we all know I have plenty of those. The tank also uses the same maxtra + filters as the BRITA jugs, and you can pick those up in bulk packs quite reasonably. If anyone is thinking about getting a means of filtering their water, and live in a hard water area, they do make a massive difference, both to the quality of your hot drinks, and the descaling interval of your kettles and coffee machines.

  24. mpe

    Bought as a replacement for my old Brita which cracked. Capacity not as big but neat looking and happy with filtration. Like this sliding top rather than previous lid.

  25. Rose

    Bought one around 3. years ago and the timer broke bought a new one as the old had some limescale anyway really pleased with it

  26. HawkinsHawkins

    I have never been one of those people easily convinced by anything but after moving into my new home we found the water quality was really not great, it’s an older home and obviously the water has to be ‘up to grade’ but the taste and the fact that since we moved here we have all (myself and my two sons) felt tired and run down, yes it could be a coincidence.
    display is still reading 5 bars and i have used the tank every day and have got into a routine of topping it up every morning whilst waiting for my coffee, this is working well and makes sure we have a full tank every day.

  27. Jeanine

    We are very happy with this water filter. It does take up a little space in our frig, but the reward of cold, clean water is more than worth it. And it sits comfortably on the side of one shelf and is easy to fill in situ. The one problem we had was to make sure that the tap that had to be installed on the front of it was done tightly enough to not leak water. It took a couple tries before we were able to assure that; and, frankly, it is hard to tell when one has successfully tightened it until one tries to fill it with water and discovers the consequences. But ever since that tap was properly installed, we’ve been much happier with our water for drinking and for tea. Would never go back to water straight from the tap!

  28. Amazon Customer

    The filter seems to run out so quickly

  29. Rob

    It’s so heavy when you fill in water.

  30. dani

    Love this product. We had a jug before this, and i got in on sale fpr half price so was fantastic value!!! Highly recommend. I have 5 in my household and we use it very regularly. Only have to fill it up twice a day

  31. Ebele Oluchukwu EzeEbele Oluchukwu Eze

    The media could not be loaded.

     Perfume water filter.Don’t have to worry about my children’s water

  32. Nizam

    I didn’t like water tank or didn’t suit my need, But I can say this that there service is excellent they give 30 days money back and very swiftly Great service

  33. Paul

    Happy with product

  34. Steven HarrisSteven Harris

    I live in a very soft water area, so my reason for buying this water filter was to get rid of the chlorine taste and it has. It’s is so easy to just open my fridge and pour some beautifully tasting cold water. I also use this water to fill my soda stream and get beautiful tasting fizzy drinks. Another bonus is that I have cut down on my plastic use by an enormous amount. It’s such a good feeling knowing that I am making a small difference to the world we all live in.

  35. Peckle

    Plus point – Comes with a tap. Could do with a bit more overhang as when it’s on the counter it’s hard to fill a kettle, but mugs & glasses are fine. Could also use some suction cups on the base to keep it still, but once full it’s ok.I’ve since bought reusable cartridge and charcoal for this product so as to minimise my plastic footprint! Should come as standard as surely we are all trying to save the planet. FACT: only 7% of water in the world is drinkable! Use it wisely and don’t flush anything toxic down the sink etc or we’ll all end up drinking it!

  36. SkymashiTVSkymashiTV

    We use the Brita Jugs already a very long time as Tap Water tastes really bad in our area and these help a lot to get the water to a neutral taste.The big issue we always had is the amount of refilling every day due to the low volume of the Brita Jugs.With this one, this is not the case anymore and once or twice a day refilling it is now enough and you have always filtered clean water on hand.The big issue I see with it though is that there is no stand offered, not even as a purchasable accessory, so it sits on the counter and you need to move it to the ledge to be able to fill a glass.This really should come with a stand included or at the very least an option to purchase one.Aside from that, it works the same as the Jugs, filter in, run 2 full fills through it and then it is ready to go and provides you with way more drink water than the Jugs do.

  37. Russell Anderson Boath

    This and a small Brita jug makes for great drinking water. Call it overkill but I fill up the Brita jug from this tank using a large jug, and use filtered water in my kettle, in cooking, and even for my indoor plant, oh and the iron. So I definitely get my monies worth.

  38. Chunzi SongChunzi Song

    I’m very happy with the dispenser.It looks nice and good capacity.I left it on the kitchen counter but you can easily fit in the fridge. Also, I use to filling up the water bottle for my kids as the jug is too heavy for them to lift, but now they can easily fill it up themselves.

  39. john

    Happy with product

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